Norway – or rather a magazine editor in Norway – has bought one of my recent stories!  I wonder how it will read when translated and my English characters are transplanted to Scandinavian soil!  January 2013

February 14th.2013 – Valentine’s Day – and my first novel, TRUTH TO TELL, is now an eBook and available to download on Amazon for Kindle users.  Access for users of all other devices will follow in a couple of weeks – watch this space!

It’s very exciting to see it in virtual print, as it were, after a  long gestation period.  The first 18,000 words or so formed part of my M.A. final dissertation for which I received Distinction a few years back.  And now here is the whole novel which has emerged after many redrafts.  My special thanks go to Jane, Alison and Carol who have been so encouraging – and to Marie Pilcher, friend and colleague who has designed the cover image.


TRUTH TO TELL is now available on Kobo, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble et al ……………

It is also recommended as ‘LATEST LITERARY FICTION’ on Pinterest.

Please see AMAZON KINDLE for reviews so far.



My second novel is going well – and I hope to complete it later in 2015.  I have been grateful for editorial and ‘early readers’ views from my sister and two close friends, Carol and Alison.  Honest feed-back is wonderful and really helps at the re-drafting stages.  Still striving to finalise a title – titles for novels are so hard to think of when so many good ones have already been used endlessly.  And how memorable are they?  So many novels  I’ve read don’t seem to relate very fully to their title or are not particularly memorable.  Thus, at the moment, my title is, simply, ‘novel 2’ – while I toss all the other ideas around in my mind.

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