Creative Writing Group

A new creative writing group starts on Tuesday 5th. February running every other week from 1.00 pm until 3.00 pm.  For further details, please email Jude at


Our first session was very interesting.  Creative writing classes need to be plastic and dynamic – they need to evolve around their participants if they are to be mutually rewarding and creative experiences.  This is the first creative writing class I have led where those attending did not express an interest in writing fiction.  So I’ve had to re-tune, re-assess, and alter my focus.  Still, writing is writing;  good writing is good writing – whether for fictional, informative, persuasive or polemical purposes.  In fact, I started my paid writing career by submitting articles to magazines (first pay cheque was from ‘Brides’ magazine at the age of 19)and didn’t turn to fiction until I realised how  much more fun it was to make things up – write about people who only existed in my imagination.  These days, blogging is THE THING – and so this creative writing class will look, initially, at blogging – different types, voices, genres etc. etc.


Our meeting on Tuesday focused on the scope, function, aims and styles of blogging.  We discussed tone and looked at whether the blogger wants to be deemed ‘the expert’ or whether a more democratic style is the aim.

Our next meeting is TUESDAY 19TH. MARCH which will be the last session this term and the final one devoted to blogging.

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